Arashi (arashi_opera) wrote,

Vesselina Kasarova as Carmen

The Zurich Opera house has already put the production photos online for all us to enjoy:

(beware, full resolution directly from camera!)

More here: (to see the large photos, simple copy & paste the image links and remove the word "thumbs")

Ah, beloved Vesselina as Carmen together with the most glorious hunkentenor Jose imaginable - Jonas Kaufmann! What else one needs to be happy! :-) Glad to see they haven't left out my favorite Jose-Escamillo duet. And here - oh man, I know this expression of hers! :-) That's exactly how Sesto looked in Act II of Zurich's La Clemenza, also with Kasarova and Kaufmann in lead roles. When Tito was asking Sesto to explain his actions, Vesselina stood there with the same half-anxious, half-arrogant expression.

*со вздохом* И для кого я всё это пишу?.. Короче, по ссылке - фото с постановки "Кармен" с несравненной Веселиной. Осторожно, трафик! Хозе в очках, когда в форме, и без очков - когда с контрабандистами, меня позабавил. :)
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