Arashi (arashi_opera) wrote,

A Totally Pointless Mezzo Post

*taking a deep breath* MEZZO IS THE BEST VOICE IN THE WORLD!!!

Ahem. Sorry. Couldn't help it. ^_^' Just been to Jennie Larmore's official website, and on this page I suddenly heard the most stunning song: Iris, Hence Away from Handel's "Semele", Juno's rage aria. Whoah. I have always admired Jennie Larmore, the best Caesar and the best Carmen in recent 10 years, but this is Something Else, guys. And I can never pass over the fact that she's gorgeous to boot:

Jennie rocks. As do all mezzos. I'm now listening to her Arsace (Rossini, "Semiramide") and boy, she's great. Her Arsace is almost as superb as her Caesar was. I'm liking it much more than Marilyn Horne's "let-me-show-you-my-coloraturas" interpretation. Don't know why I wasn't so thrilled by her Falliero before but really, she's much more impressive here than in "Bianca e Falliero" (though there she was no slouch either).

(Take notice: I haven't said a word about Veselina here!! Can't believe it myself.) ;-))
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