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(Cорри за инглиш, но это всё равно мало кто читает, так что what the hell. Хочу вот по-английски.)

Only a complete opera маньяк geek like me can sit there and listen to THREE examples of one and the same aria, being unable to decide which s/he likes more. %) I have one by countertenor Andreas Scholl and two more by mezzos Jennifer Larmore and Marijana Mijanovic. And yet, I can't decide which is - not better, they're all excellent - but more pleasant to my ear. Scholl is brilliant here. It's a rare case (probably the only one for now) when an aria bravura from a countertenor doesn't make me wince and say "Leave bravura for mezzos, pal".

But still, if one's looking for Scholl, I'd recommend this piece: "Cara sposa" from Handel's "Rinaldo".

Best rendition I've ever heard (and I have this aria in 6 versions). It's simply gorgeous.

And for nice heroic mezzos, try this:

The above-mentioned J. Larmore singing Caesar's rage aria "Empio, dirò, tu sei" (with accompanying score). The last note was F3, mind you!!! (фа малой октавы, бл@, я охренела, когда подобрала её на фанно! Я это даже грудным регистром с трудом изображу.)
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