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Got myself two beforehand birthday gifts (have no money left, of course): a new monitor (the widescreen 21'' Samsung 215TW I wanted) and a new wig, the long-awaited Fox Red No Bangs.

The monitor is very good for watching movies and working with photo & video. And I can sit at my stupid desk like all normal people do, with no risk of spinal curvature.

As for the wig, it has perfect lush red color and orgasmic quality: it looks and feels like real hair, folks! No one would've ever thought it was a wig! I love this Wig Depot, I seriously do.

Кстати, если кто-нибудь мог бы сфоткать меня в новом парике, я была бы безмерно благодарна этому человеку. ;) Парик того стоит. (Ну, и я тоже, наверное, стою того, чтоб сфоткать. %))
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