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Fangirls & fanboys (it's funny how in Russian we'd say "male fangirl" %D) really are amazing people. Their age, marital status, education, profession etc. are thoroughly unimportant. It's their enthusiastic, almost maniacal devotion to their obsessions (which are often up-to-the-minute) that makes them real fans. They can be found sewing costumes for themselves, exhausting themsleves in a fitness club for the sake of their current obsession, running around in search of wigs which have to be "Exactly-This-Shape-And-Not-That!", ordering calligraphy utensils from China, collecting sword replicas and wasting efforts and money in dozens of other crazy ways. Next month they suddenly develop a new obsession and start devoting all their money and free time to it. But that's not to say they're light-headed or unreliable. Some of their hobbies are probably for life - and in addition to these they'd have ten more, less vital (but not less-consuming, mind you ;)).

Yeah, I'm a true fangirl. %)
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