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Раз уж я вспомнила свои переводы, пусть и этот здесь будет. "Финал" из ФЗ.

When the evening shadow falls
And the twilight veil covers ways,
I can’t see beyond the stone walls,
You have gone and sorrow stays.

Tell me, broken heart, simply tell,
Why are you now weeping for him?
Why the golden sunset seems grim?
Where are you, my brother, my kin,
My beloved kin, all-forgiving kin?

Has he ever known the cost
Of his hopeless duel with fate?
What is left now when it’s too late,
When we can’t redeem bitter loss?

The ancient oath that leads everybody to fall;
The ancient glory and splendor of rulers of old;
The ancient pride that lives inside those
Who cannot be defeated by grief.

But time’s above all.
My brother, is it?
The road to meet
Is hidden in shadow.

We shall sail on heaven ships for West,
You shall celebrate the coming dawn,
Where stronger than the steel of bonds,
More faithful than all solemn words,
There is the only genuine law that love unfolds.

We shall have our proud banners vailed,
You shall have your love, as great as earth.
And if the world is ruled by love
That rises to the sky above,
Then we were only just a preface to your tale.

We shall take our long and misty way,
You shall have the cherry bloom in May. (в оригинале был апрель, ну да ладно)
And if the world is ruled by love
That rises to the sky above,
We were only sunrise while you are the day.

We shall be the guardians of your dreams,
You shall pass through your unbounded world.
And even in the land of night
Where Lord of Darkness has his might,
You shall obtain the greatest treasure love can give.
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