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Долго ловила челюсть. Кто не в курсе - это мой трёх-или-около-того-летний перевод лориной "Баллады Галадриэль". Правда, изменён припев. У меня было:

But have said to him:
My brother, yet we shall go on.
The sky seems dark to us
But there we’ll see the shining dawn.

But I have said to him:
My brother, yet I shall go on.
We have no hope left
But far away I see the dawn.

У Лоры:

But I have said to him:
My brother, we will go forward.
The cup is filled with tears
But sun will rise in shining gold.

But I have said to him:
My brother, we must go forward.
The sky is dark for us
But sunrise will be our reward.

Всё остальное не изменилось. У меня было ещё два куплета, которых на сайте нет:

Tell me, faithfulness, simply tell:
Why do hearts fly down on your hand?
Why was he with you till the end?
That who had been most beloved,
Brother my beloved, he of golden heart.

Tell me, sullen death, simply tell:
How among the ice and the colds
Could he hear your treacherous call?
How could I have defeat
From your shadow wings, cold and heavy wings?

Look, brother, can you see?
Our souls were intertwined.
My heart is struggling free
To follow yours but roads vary.

But time will cure the pain.
There, in the blissful realm beyond
Our hands will meet again
And dawn will fill the sky with gold.
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