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Как этот сайт проник в мой мозг?!

Удивительно точно про меня:

Soul of 3

When you are under stress, the part of you that fails you is your positivity and optimism. Let's say you have an argument with somebody. After you work through it, you will say to yourself, "You know, all this is happening because I am such a creep, I am just no good..." In other words, you have an inability to see yourself in a positive light when you are in stressful situations. The key phrase here is "half devil and half divine". That is, you experience yourself as an angel and a devil rolled into one. The solution is to see yourself as Divine, as being a part of God, instead of seeing yourself as being at fault and being responsible for everything that goes wrong. Your inner nature is flexible, happy and playful. When you connect yourself to your Soul, then you will become aware of your inner identity. Your essence is the playful, mischievous, constant flow of Joy, which is God's constant creativity in action. Your highest manifestation is as a sort of "Spiritual Mother or Father", someone who takes care of everyone and makes sure that everyone is fed and has everything which he or she needs.

Karma of 10

In your relationship to your environments and to others you are either "All or Nothing". You are either a total zero, or you are 150%! There is nothing in between. You tend to be weak in your relationships and business dealings. Your test in this life is to experience and manifest your own radiance in all your work, relationships and involvements and to put your 150% into everything you do. The solution is to master your Royal projection and live a life of Royal Courage.

Gift of 3

The key to accepting your GIFT is to connect with your soul. You cannot accept and use your gift unless you feel that you deserve it. Remember, this gift is already yours. Relax, use it and enjoy it. You have the gift of positivity. If you keep up on a spiritual path in your life, you will always have something positive to say about everyone and everything. Everyone else around you may be negative, but you will be able to listen to them and it will not be a problem for you. You will simply say, "But have you ever looked at it from this point of view...?" This is your gift. To always have a cheerful attitude about things, and to see the solution that is inherent in each problem of life. You are sort of a spiritual father or mother; a "Big Papa" who sees that everyone is taken care of, and makes sure that everyone is fed and has everything which he or she needs.

Destiny of 4

People see you as someone who is very neutral and clear. People tend to come to you for advice because they relate to you as being a good listener. Other people like to be around you. They feel peaceful and secure in your presence.

Но зе бест, конечно, Путь:

Path of 8

It is through your joy and compassion that you will become successful in this life. It is through sacrificing your own life so that others may live that your purpose in life will be fulfilled.

Как, как они прочитали мои мысли?!

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