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LoGH на ТВтропах

Если кто ещё не знает, на есть раздел, посвящённый LoGH + Character Sheet. Мои любимые тропы из тех, которые они называют:

Badass Adorable: Julian starts the series as a Cute Shotaro Boy, ends it as a blond-haired pretty boy. You would never suspect the things he can do with an axe, ESPECIALLY if you push his berserk button. Holy cow, YES. *shudders*

Badass Army: The Rosenritters, General Schönkopf's motley crew of infantry badasses. They're so bad, they've actually gotten out of ambushes by saying "We're the Rosenritters" and the enemy turning tail. О да! "Сдавайтесь, мы Розенриттеры!" И ведь сдались...

Norio Wakamoto. Да, это отдельный троп. B-)

Loads and Loads of Characters: This anime has quite possibly the largest cast of any show ever. Bleach and Naruto put together have nothing on it. Seriously.
- According to the Official Gineiden Encyclopaedia, there are 660 named characters in the main series, side stories and movies.

Minovsky Physics: This series goes one better with Zephyr Particles, which are invisible, directional, and extremely flammable even in vacuum. - Ну да, да, но мы же не физику там ищем? ^_^'

Necessarily Evil: Oberstein's modus operandi. The worst thing about it is that his ideas all work.

И отдельно - шикарный троп про Ройенталя:

Stoic Woobie: He has Mommy Issues, which are his Freudian Excuse for never being able to form a lasting relationship with his lovers, knocks up a woman who wanted to kill him, and is wrongfully accused of treason twice, the second time deciding to go along with it because he's too prideful to clear his name a second time despite knowing that he's outnumbered and will probably die. No wonder why he's Mittermeyer's drinking buddy, who wouldn't want to buy the guy a drink (.....besides Oberstein and Lang)?

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